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  • Paid Advertising with bing Ads

  • We provide cost-effective online advertising for your website:

    • specific selection of advertising networks
    • budget-oriented advertising
    • use bing Ads potentials
  • Bing Ads, as an advertising network of Microsoft, shows its strength for cost-effective paid advertising. Products and services can be addressed to more than 151 million users and ultimately potential customers, among them several specific target groups. We would be happy to present the potential of bing Ads for your business in a more detailed analysis.

  • Our Approach

    For a quick start in bing Ads, we support you from setting up your advertising account up to the management of the appropriate ads. You get a professional evaluation and further recommendations for advertising on bing for each campaign.

  • Customized SEM & Paid Advertising

    The special value of paid advertising in search engines like Bing, Yahoo or Google is reaching users globally and locally at the same time. In addition, there is a specific focus on mobile users: With advertisements optimized for smartphone and tablet users you get more out of your paid advertising campaign. Additional benefits of the advertising platform include a transparent cost structure. There is no minimum budget for ads: You can personally determine how much you want to invest in bing Ads.

    Who offers more: bing Ads or Google AdWords?

    Concerning targeting and cost-effective advertising both platforms cover a broad spectrum. Yet there are some differences between bing Ads and Google AdWords, which have to be evaluated in advance in the planning of promotional activities in the field of paid advertising.

    With IMAOS you opt for an agency that has already gained extensive experience with both vendors and tools. We are ready to give you an expert advice on media scope, special features, strengths and weaknesses of ad networks with reference to your company and industry environment.
  • Our Services include:
    • individual analysis & paid advertising consulting for bing
    • creation & management of your bing Ads account
    • advertisement and campaign planning
    • customized targeting & further evaluation/monitoring