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  • Career at IMAOS: Internship & Online Marketing Jobs

  • Online marketing is one of the younger business segments that offer attractive career opportunities. Frequently internships with SEO companies allow a closer insight into the activities of online marketing managers, online editors, content managers, SEO and SEM experts and many other employees who are working in the online marketing industry.

  • As an agency for online marketing with SEO services IMAOS is also a recommendable partner for internships and job offers.

  • Jobs & Internships

    Online Editorial Intern (m/f)
    Online Marketing Intern (m/f)

  • Practical knowledge is the key to successfull online marketing! Whether you want to make your first steps in this career field, complete an internship or a training while studying or gain experience with tasks in online marketing: At IMAOS we know about the marketing requirements for online campaigns and bring along many years of experience and a comprehensive knowledge of the industry.
  • Online Marketing Manager is a fairly new job description. For this common occupation, there are no uniform requirements in terms of applicant profile, qualifications and job descriptions. Depending on the company and online marketing agency workspaces for employees vary.

  • Job Offers & Tasks In Online Marketing

    In addition to agencies and service providers for Online Marketing such as IMAOS IT companies and enterprises in B2C or B2B sector's offer jobs for professionals in online marketing. The tasks of those employees include inter alia:

    • planning and handling marketing tasks:
      market and competitor analysis, design of marketing strategies ...
    • supervision and implementation of online activities:
      SEO, Google AdWords, Social Media, online collaboration (Affiliate Marketing), ...
    • monitoring of online marketing measures:
      data analysis and reporting, custom tracking tools, ...
  • What Qualifications Do Online Marketing Applicants Need?

    Learning by doing alone is not enough, of course. Nevertheless practical experience through internships and jobs in online marketing are the course for a future career in this area. The following core competencies & qualifications for applicants and for trainees are generally beneficial in online marketing:

    • good knowledge and special interest in online marketing and distribution channels
    • high affinity to the Internet, Web 2.0, technology & IT
    • very good computer skills to user programs such as MS Office, tools for data analysis
    • being a fast learner to respond to current online marketing trends
    • strong communication skills (especially in editorial fields of online marketing)
    • independent, well-organized working style

    We are happy to inform you personally about specific requirements for applicants and concrete online marketing tasks for our SEO company IMAOS in Dresden.