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  • Local SEO – Local Search Engine Optimization

  • You want to be listed prior to competitors in search enginges for a certain place in combination with your product or serviceIMAOS assists you with:

    • local online searches and its potential
    • customized optimization, citations & review management
  • More and more Internet users search locally based in Google and other search enginges. Optimizing your website for these local searches is the focus of local search engine marketing (Local SEO). For this purpose, different onpage and offpage factors as well as general trends and developments in the online search are analysed.

    Targeted Local SEO measures can increase the reach and level of awareness for your website. Those organic search results are as important as the generic display of search results and paid advertising campaigns (e.g. Google AdWords): We define appropriate measures and assume their planning and implementation for you.

  • Our Approach

    For strengthening the positioning of your company's website in the search engines we develop individual Local SEO strategies as one part of cost-efficient online marketing. Based on the establishment of Google MyBusiness we underline the relevancy of your page for the Google Local Listings by proactive measures. These include, inter alia, maintaining and extending local citations.

  • Successfully listed in the Google local search

    Mobile and local searches on the Internet are increasing continuously. For those, among others, local listings (e.g. Google Maps) are provided by the search eginges and often regarded as an important ranking factor. In general, Local SEO optimization follows specific policies that significantly contribute to the success of local search marketing.

    Consistency in the information is the key to a successful networking and local SEO: We make sure that the NAP data* of your company (Name - Address - Phone) are uniform so that the potential of local entries (citations) and further recommendations (reviews) for the organic search does not diminish. This starts with the onpage optimization followed by customizing Google+ Local Pages, Google Maps and topic and sector-specific local citations.

  • Our Services include:
    • in-depth advice to Local SEO for your website
    • locally based market and competitor analysis
    • analysis & evaluation of local ranking factors
    • Google MyBusiness administration & account management
    • professional local citation & review management