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  • Alphabet & Google as its largest subsidiary

  • Google, media and web-search giant, started an extensive restructuring process and is now part of the newly created holding company called Alphabet. The CEO of this company is no other than Larry Page, co-founder of Google. Therefore, the current Google CEO position has been shifted to Sundar Pichai.

    Back to the roots and better off with ‚moonshots‘

    The rebranding and restructuring is supposed to positively contribute to the company’s key business objectives. Google, being a subsidiary of Alphabet, will now mainly concentrate on search engine business, YouTube and other big divisions of priority. While that means kind of going „back to the roots“ other Google projects and smaller divisions will be restructured as independent companies.

    Mentioning those inventions far from the search business of Google, the company used to call them ‚moonshots‘. It will be interesting to see if the new business structure and current management changes will boost those projects, e.g. Life Sciences with innovative contact lanes, Nest with smart home thermostats or Google Fiber for high-speed Internet.

    New Google logo

    Another consequence of the overhaul is a new design for the brands. This redesign includes a remarkable change of the Google logo: The shorthand logo „g“ will be capitalized and gets coloured.

    ‚Slimmed down‘ Google

    The founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, personally stated that the newer and ’slimmed down‘ Google is a step in the right direction. Alphabet has been set as the collection of different companies which now benefit from more management scale. This will also lead to the implementation of new resources for both, the big subsidiary Google and many other companies under Alphabet.


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    Photo credits: Google.com