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  • Paid Advertising Analysis & Campaigns

  • Which kind of paid advertising formats and possibilities for online advertising offer an optimal cost-benefit ratio?

    • analysis & evaluation of paid advertising potential
    • tips for advertising planning & ad management
    • efficient search enginge marketing (SEM)
  • By analyzing your website to potentially untapped potential in the field of paid advertising we provide several starting points and solution approaches on this issue. It goes without saying that a product-specific analysis, also including the company's business objectives, is what working with IMAOS stands for.
    Our in-depth analysis servces as the basis for a targeted implementation of paid online advertising in the marketing mix. We are an agency with the appropriate expertise to the most important marketing and sales channels. This allows you to exploit your paid advertising potential. All the planned measures should be matched to other used online marketing tools (e.g. SEO, content marketing).
  • Our Approach
    From the first competitors and market analysis, possible fields of application for paid advertising and various online advertising channels up to recommendations for specific campaigns and ad formats: At IMAOS a competent and independent consulting is in the foreground.
  • Individual planning of paid advertising campaigns

    Whether you focus on search engine marketing (SEM) in Google AdWords, bing Ads, or on the use of various social media channels (Social Ads), for example via Facebook marketing: Paid advertising is very well suited for following key business objectives such as customer acquisition and branding.

    The decisive factor for good results is the selection of particularly suitable ad formats and advertising channels that pass on your marketing message best possible to relevant target groups and trigger the desired action (e.g. purchase or any other form of conversion). In the analysis we will, in particular, address the issue of advantages and disadvantages of paid advertising billing models (e.g. pay per click, pay per view, pay per impression, pay per lead).

  • Our Services include:
    • profound paid advertising consultion
    • analysis of your website in terms of paid advertising use
    • individual assistance with selecting paid advertising partners
    • competitor analysis for paid ads & online advertising in your sector