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  • Social Media & Brand Awareness

  • We strengthen your online marketing even in social networks:

    • active use of social media channels
    • interacting with target audiences
    • advertise efficiently in social networks
  • Over the last past years, social media has gained greater recognition in online marketing and also plays a major role in our agency. Brand awareness can be advanced significantly by social media tools. Those include the creation and maintenance of social media profiles which may positively influence the company's standing.

    For many people networks such as Facebook and Twitter are already part of everyday life. Discover these virtual platforms together with our professionals who will briefly guide you through the new marketing channels. Also be aware of a good accessibility and mobile user-friendliness of your website as many Internet users are connected with devices such as mobile phones or tablets.

  • Our Approach

    Targeting your audience personally is at the forefront of social media & brand awareness strategies. We will gladly assist you with the creation and maintenance of social media profiles, targeted Facebook advertising and additional marketing measures to increase the brand awareness. Our young and dynamic team of professionals regularly reviews current trends to get the maximum results from social media marketing.

  • Our Services include:
    • advice on social media for marketing purposes
    • creation and maintenance of social media profiles
    • Facebook and Twitter marketing
    • increase of the exposure of your brand (brand awareness strategies)
    • contact management for your online collaborations