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  • Usability Analysis & Online Shop Optimization

  • There is a variety of smaller and affordable measures that positively influence the success of your online business:

    • satisfied users for more web sucess
    • improve website user friendliness (usability)
    • provide a better user experience
  • We provide in-depth analysis and evaluation of the usability and user experience of your website and aim on a personal guidance for optimizing it. Do website visitors already take the actions you want them to take on your site?

  • Our Approach

    Our agency will personally assist you with a detailed guide on which measures your website is perceived even more targeted by customers. Most of all the optimization of usability should focus on the final decision for your products and services instead of those of your competitors.

  • Usability & User Experience for customer loyalty

    In addition to the equally efficient and effective usability of your website and online business our approach includes the evaluation of usability in terms of intelligibility, content relevance, confidence-building and customer loyalty to an all in all positive user experience.

    Therefore, our team will analyze your website step by step from the perspective of a new visitor. Once the potentials and weaknesses of usability and user experience are reviewed in detail, we provide sustainable concepts of a possible optimization. One of our goals here is the saving of costs while maximizing conversion by avoiding and correcting typical errors and when the access to services and products is improved.

  • Our Services include:
    • sustainable concepts for optimizing the usability & user experience
    • detailed analysis of your website
    • evaluation of layout, design and website navigation
    • tests and analysis in terms of website features (e.g. ordering, registrations)
    • usability analysis in terms of content and relevance
    • evaluation of possible usability weaknesses and corresponding measures to reduce costs
    • analysis of the functionality of the website (e.g. loading times and performance)