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  • Website Analysis ( SEO Check)

  • The positioning of websites in search engines is an important issue for successful online businesses:

    • detailed analysis & recommended actions
    • detect ranking factors
    • planning of onpage & offpage measures
  • Our online marketing agency has gained relevant experience in the field of search engine optimization (SEO) since 2001 and continuously follows the current trends and developments in search enginge optimization.

  • Our Approach

    After a comprehensive analysis of the website in terms of structure, navigation and user-friendliness we develop appropriate concepts for the optimization of the overall web presence and single websites.

  • Strengthening the website positioning in search engines

    IMAOS assists you with distinguishing yourself from competitors! As working with keywords is crucial for achieving a better positioning in the search engines (e.g. Google), we will develop a set of individually compiled keywords together with our clients. For evaluation, transparent statistics are used to provide an overview on current needs and progress made. Regular monitoring of keywords and frequently used search terms are the basis for our recommendations to clients and will lead to individual SEO campaigns organized by IMAOS Internet Marketing.

    Search engine optimization is one of the cornerstones of a powerful online marketing strategy. The use of targeted SEO techniques results in multiple benefits, including an increase in traffic, the acquisition of new customers and a long-term competitive position in the online market. Upon request, we will gladly make you an offer that is tailored to your individual requirements.

  • Our Services include:
    • detailed analysis of your website in terms of design, content layout, usability and internal linking
    • onpage and offpage optimization
    • SEO Quick Check & SEO Consulting (longterm or one time)
    • custom-tailored SEO activities with transparent statistics
    • advanced online shop optimization & usability analysis